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Enacting Prototype Warfare

Since November 2019, QinetiQ has run a series of internal and external workshops with scientists, soldiers and other defence industry representatives to explore how robotic and
autonomous systems (RAS) technology can improve and accelerate Land forces’ manned/unmanned teamed capability to inform comprehensive Land RAS strategy.

This work has led to this report, which is designed to stimulate early discussion and debate on the topic. The report explores of the implications of RAS technologies for Land capability and how to embrace them in a coherent way.

It demonstrates that RAS implementation is not simply a process of platform acquisition: it is a digital transformation.

The report is broken up into the following topics:

  1. -Strategic logic for the military use of RAS
    -Ethics and regulation
    -Technology overview: The ‘art of the possible’
    -Use case scenarios
    -The implications of RAS

For questions about the report or anything else, please get in touch

We hope you enjoy the read!