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Research and Development

We provide access to our world-leading, specialist R&D capability that enables our customers to unlock new areas of competitive and operational advantage.

Disruptive Business Solutions

We co-innovate with customers to create tailored solutions, based on our portfolio of tried and tested capability, to help them get ahead of the competition.

Innovation Integrator

We provide customers with fast, flexible and efficient access to a diverse ecosystem of R&D partners, coupled with a proactive approach that identifies opportunities and threats before they emerge.

We are active in the assembly of innovation communities, within defense, security and adjacent sectors, QinetiQ aligns innovators with sources of funding that exist to solve the most pressing technological challenges, positioning us to seek out and pursue the most promising ideas.

Working seamlessly with QinetiQ’s global resources, Houbara offers our customers access to QinetiQ’s medium-to-long-term technology foresight picture that identifies enabling and disruptive technologies as they emerge from government, academia and industry, both from the UK and internationally.