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Threat Representation

In partnership with QinetiQ, a world leader in the design, development, manufacture and operation of advanced unmanned target systems, we work closely with our customers to offer an end-to-end targets portfolio for live-fire training and weapon acceptance exercises for air, land and sea.

The threat landscape is constantly evolving. Our adversaries are using more agile, sophisticated aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), for surveillance and electronic warfare, with new threats constantly emerging. Our customers’ adversaries continuously seek to exploit disruptive technologies, demanding the unrelenting pursuit of new and effective defensive capabilities – all of which require testing and assurance.

Highly versatile in their design and performance and with a wide range of payloads, our target systems can be adapted to represent a multitude of different threat scenarios. Through intelligent engineering, recoverability and reuse, our target systems are also highly cost-effective.

Turn-Key Solutions

Many customers rely on our experts to provide full operational support, including logistics and supply of the targets; design of threat scenarios and payload planning; launch, operation and recovery of targets; and the recording of weapon performance data. For customers who want to operate their own targets, we provide training courses, a range of system and field support services, as well as remote technical support.


We support our customers beyond the supply of targets, with the operation of target systems and training. We can deliver realistic operational scenarios to help our military and commercial customers bring out the best in their people. Our training systems are precisely designed to meet individual requirements, but with built-in flexibility to account for future adaptations.

Aerial Targets

Houbara offer a complete family of propeller and jet-powered aerial free flying targets. We offer complete flight and ground…

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Naval Targets

QinetiQ Target Systems is the undisputed world leader in highly advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicle-Targets (USV-Ts)…

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87 Years In The Making: Turning Our Heritage Into Your Advantage
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87 Years In The Making: Turning Our Heritage Into Your Advantage

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